Lavender mud mask (Oily & Tanned skin)

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Lavender mud mask (Oily & Tanned skin)

Lavender mud mask

Product Details: Mud mask is very effective and beneficial for your skin no matter what your age.

What’s special about this mask is that it draws out toxins from the skin, shrinks your pores (noticeable just after a few uses), prevents breakouts, and leaves your skin soft and smooth. The lavender essential oil adds extra benefits to this mask.

Ingredients: Chamomile leaves, Clay, lavender essential oils

Recommended for: Oily - normal skin  type

How to use: Take a teaspoon of the mask into the glass bowl using the wooden spoon, add honey or rose

water and apply a thin layer on your face. Wash after 10-15 minutes with plain water.

Weight/Quantity: 100 grams

Variants: 100, 50 & 25 grams

Shelf life: 6 months

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