Bentonite clay with Lavender Gourmet soap (For Combination skin)

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Bentonite clay with Lavender Gourmet soap (For Combination skin)

All our soaps are handcrafted using the old-fashioned cold process method. They are made out of natural herbal waters and infused essential oils to keep your skin healthy and soft unlike factory made soaps. All these are 120gm each.


These soaps are made out of gentle clays, vegetables, fruits peels, infused teas. Apart from gently cleansing your skin, they help to keep it soft and hydrated.

Olive oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, avocado oil, rice bran oil jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil, Sodium hydroxide (Not present in the final stage), Bentonite clay, A blend of pink Grapefruit essential oil, Apricot oil, mandarin essential oil, Spearmint essential oil.


Wet the soap well and scrub it all over your skin. Use exfoliating hand gloves for extra exfoliation once a week.


No preservatives, no ready-made soap bases, no artificial hardners, no artificial foaming agents, no SLS/SLeS, no synthetic colourants or artificial pigments, Just pure goodness for your skin.

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