Rose water & Apple cider Toner
(For all skin types)

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Rose water & Apple cider Toner <BR> (For all skin types) <BR>

Rose Toner 

This toner can help reduce the appearance of dark spots, sun spots and prevent blemishes. It also balances the skin's pH. Make this toner a part of your daily night routine after cleansing your face with our Green tea cleanser and get a brighter looking skin.

Turns out what’s standing between you and unclogged pores might be just adding one product into your beauty routine. And that's our Rose Toner.

Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, Rosehip oil, Rose water, distilled water

Recommended for: All skin types

How to use: Cleanse your face thoroughly with our Green tea cleanser. Take some cotton and pump the toner onto that and wipe it across your face. Let it dry for a couple of minutes and then moisturize.

Volume: 100 ml

Variants: 100 ml

Shelf life: 5 Months

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