Face & Body Ubtan

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Face & Body Ubtan <BR>

Product Details: This Face & Body scrub/wash is packed with herbs and minerals to promote healthy looking skin. Regular use will balance excess oil, reduce cellulite. It is a soapless body wash.

It is a combination of herbs, pulses, cereals and nuts.

Ingredients: Amygdalus communies (Almonds), cicer airetinum chickpeas), Ylang Ylang essential oil, turmeric, neem.

Recommended for: All skin type

How to use: Use our wooden spoon and scoop a little product into a clean bowl. Mix a few drops of water, rose water or milk. Spread it across your body/ face. Exfoliate and massage your skin. Wash off when it dries. 

Weight/Quantity: 100 grams

Variants: 100 & 50 grams

Shelf life: 5 months

Once opened: 5 months


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