4 Indian Celebs that set Skincare goals

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It takes a lot to be a celebrated icon in a field with thousands of competitors and a thousand more faces that try to compete. The secret formula to each one's success does not merely end with being good at what they do but looking good too. Every celebrity, be it a sports superstar or even our superstar, all believe in a healthy lifestyle that does not just end with an Instagram selfie at the gym or googling face masks for a party the next day. It requires determination, a routine, and a miracle. Just kidding, in this blog organic mill brings to you the health icons that leave you awestruck and seem doable. 
Famously known for her amazing movies and the amazingly low intellect, she proves to be the frontrunner as she is everyone one of us. She puts in the effort to look the way she does but does not compromise into mere leaves as well. She has her dhal(s) and her chapathi(s) finding it annoying but with an hour at the gym reminds us really that motivation is the most important thing in keeping up a healthy lifestyle. Plus, her Instagram is filled with pictures of her with face masks and you could do the same with our organic mill lavender mud face pack while scrolling through her profile (We did). 
Icon. The Iron lady of health. This woman, time and again proves that being beautiful is effortless if you believe in it. From her skincare routines to her physical fitness work, she's nothing lesser than the best. For so many of us, she sets the standards of aging with grace while looking fiercely hot. 
The king of fitness and health in the new gen, breaking barriers and bones with his parkour regimes and of course, his diet is for those who decide to become monks. Although his routine leaves us in envy, his determination should motivate us to hit the gym at least for an hour.
The spirit animal of every person who does not want to work on their fitness but believes that they have to and push themselves. Example being the video that was released post Befikre which showed how obsessed he is with food but surprisingly that push is the most achievable form of determination. The various hairstyles and grooming definitely need attention and work as well. The most sensual and the most sensational there is, isn't an easy ride but needs a lot of effort.

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